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The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival is an annual literary festival where visitors can meet and listen to authors and experts from a wide range of fields discussing a variety of topics from literature, politics, history, philosophy, economics, science, culinary, travel, environment and religion, to mention only a few.

Hosted by the Christ Church College and its lovely Tudor cloisters and hall, the Festival consists of hundreds of events which are led by writers, authors, thinkers and experts from all over the world. With each festival, the number of events and speakers are growing and thus the 2013 Literary Festival was joined by some of the most respected authors from more than 20 countries. Of course, they were also joined by some of the greatest English authors including Seamus Heaney, Julian Barnes, Hilary Mantel and Ben Okri.

Besides taking part of the Festival’s discussions, visitors can also join literary walks, lunches and dinners with some of the greatest names in both English and world’s literature, while aspiring writers can also improve they writing skills by participating in the creative writing course which is a part of the Festival’s programme since 2008.

The next Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival will be held from 22nd to 30th March 2014.