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´╗┐Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival’s Writing Course

The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival introduced a writing course for aspiring writers in 2008. Over the following few years, the Festival’s course grew tremendously in prestige, especially after many great names from the literary world decided to share their secrets with the course participants. Each year, those who attend five two-hour workshops have the opportunity to learn from some of the most pre-eminent writers, novelists and other notable individuals from the literary world.

As mentioned earlier, the Festival’s writing course is getting better with each year which also clearly reveals an impressively long list of prominent names from the literary world. In 2013, the participants of the Festival’s writing course had the opportunity to learn from:

Writing Course Programme and Reservations

The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival’s Writing Course accepts at most 30 attendants who are divided into two groups, with each containing at most 15 participants. To get your seat at the course, please make reservations at the Festival’s official website in advance or look out for entry details at the student desk. Act now because the course is sold out quickly. The price of the writing course also includes accommodation and full board.

For more information about the 2014 creative writing course, reservations and prices, please contact the Festival team via email or telephone.